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From beautiful riverfront views and walkable trails, to accessible retail shops and our very own Oshkosh Food Co-Op, Brio Building is the perfect place to call home. See more of what is available to you right outside your door.

Home to the Oshkosh Food Co-op

Their mission is to provide a thriving, member-owned, full-service grocery store to Oshkosh. OFC is organized around community, sustainability, accountability, and courage.

Tour the Neighborhood

Downtown Main Street
U of WI – Oshkosh Campus
Menominee Nation Arena
Leach Amphitheater
Fifth Ward Brewing

Riverfront Bliss

Relax by the gorgeous Fox River and enjoy all the riverfront activities. Take on riverfront trails, kayaking, paddle-boarding, boating, water-skiing, fishing, and so much more.

Home to the Oshkosh Food Co-Op

The Oshkosh Food Co-Op (OFC)

was incorporated as a not-for-profit co-op in 2013 with the goal of creating a member-owned, full-service grocery store in Oshkosh’s central city. The Mission of OFC is to provide a thriving, member-owned, full-service grocery store in the heart of the city. Our vision is: “Strengthen local economies, promote health, and build communities.”


The OFC is organized around four key values


We are rooted in our community; owned by our community; and we reinvest in our community.


We consider the impact of our decisions on today and tomorrow.


We are accountable to each other, our producers, and our cooperative community.


We commit to creating, producing, and living boldly.

Tour the Neighborhood

Brio + Mackson Corners transform a former industrial waterfront

into the community’s canvas for its progress. Brio and Mackson Corners together will create a fulcrum for engagement among shoppers, diners, students, tourists, retirees, families, young professionals, recreation enthusiasts, and more. The project delivers supply in response to a strong demand for market-rate housing and will be a center for greater connected-ness among the region’s assets.

The development expands the activity on Main Street toward the water in a pedestrian-friendly manner. The series of buildings proposed and spaces around them de-emphasize the car (through shared parking strategies and smart urban design principles), to foster walkability and safety.

The purpose of a phased neighborhood strategy in this development is to maximize waterfront activity (less parking on waterfront site) and connect neighboring district assets through density and proximity to walkable destinations.

University of WI – Oshkosh

<0.5 miles

The Leach Amphitheater

0.6 miles

Menominee Nation Arena

0.9 miles

Fifth Ward Brewing Company

0.7 miles

Lake Winnebago & the Fox River

Out your front door

Riverfront Bliss

Brio is located next to the Fox River

near its connection to Lake Winnebago, the largest lake that is located entirely within Wisconsin (over 130,000 acres).


The walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago is widely thought to be some of the best in the country. Anglers come from miles around to try their hand at Winnebago’s jumbo perch. And, bass anglers from around the Midwest are beginning to take notice of Lake Winnebago’s excellent fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth.


Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Boating, Waterskiing and more! Enjoy them all at Mackson Corners.

Eat & Drink

Fox River Brewing Company Waterfront Restaurant, Fifth Ward Brewing Company (a walk across the bridge after a day on the water).

Read the History

In 1847, Morris Firman began operating the first sawmill in Oshkosh.

It wasn’t long before sawmills lined the entire Fox River. The arrival of the railroad, the Civil War and the great Chicago fire of 1871, further created a boom in Oshkosh’s lumber trade. Much of the lumber used to rebuild Chicago was produced by Oshkosh sawmills. By 1873, 24 sawmills, 15 shingle mills, and seven sash and door companies were in operation, making Oshkosh known as “Sawdust City.”

Lake Winnebago, the largest fresh water lake within the state, was carved from the same limestone formation that creates Niagara Falls, 900 miles east of Oshkosh. Winnebago County has more water area than any other Wisconsin county.

Most of the surface features of Wisconsin are the direct result of glaciation and glacial deposition. In addition, the bedrock surface has been impacted by general erosion of the surface as well as significant localized deepening of river valleys and lowlands.

Tens to hundreds of feet of unconsolidated glacial material now cover the rock surface in many areas, while in other areas there is little overburden. Soil development in the glaciated regions has been strongly influenced by the texture of glacial debris and time.

In 1887 our site was home to the Cook and Brown Lime Company which was a major manufacturer of brick that is still present in many buildings throughout Oshkosh. The company’s location provided optimal access to their materials and distributors – one of which was limestone that came from the Niagara Escarpment and was transported via boat or sleigh across Lake Winnebago depending upon the season. Their products were used all throughout Wisconsin and even places in Illinois, such as Chicago.

Cook and Brown would later diversify by selling concrete, coal, and fuel circa 1930s. They would continue on this path and use the river for continued transport until 1961 in which many sites along the Fox River were sold for the development of Park Plaza.

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